“Facts Regarding Business Brokers In Denver CO”

The principle value of a Denver business broker is to act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Both selling a business and buying a business can be a stressful and emotional process.  The change of business ownership is complex and a broker can create an environment conducive to productive negotiations to the benefit of both the seller and the buyer of a business.

Differences can be discussed with the benefit of a third party that is outside the emotion and a business broker can add significant experience to the process.  Without the involvement of an intermediary – Denver business brokers – the majority of transactions are never completed.

An experienced business broker in Denver CO helps you handle the myriad of administrative issues involved in the selling/buying process. A broker knows what paperwork is required and the typical time frames for the preparation of documents.

A good business broker will be effective at coordinating with attorneys and CPA’s most likely involved on both the selling side and buying side of a transaction.

As your Denver business brokers, the brokers at Business Acquisitions, Ltd. specialize in the sale of privately held companies in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Our knowledge and experience in solving problems and overcoming objections is often the difference between a successful outcome and a failed transaction.

Our business brokers in Denver, Colorado offer assistance in many ways when a business owner is ready to sell his or her business:

  • Helping business owners determine their needs and to evaluate their position relative to selling a business;
  • Providing an estimate of the value of their business;
  • Timing the business sale;
  • Locating qualified buyers for the business through our use of the internet, our proprietary data bases and other well developed means;
  • Pre-qualifying all buyer and requiring them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before specific information is shared about a business for sale; understanding that confidentiality is critical;
  • Participating in all buyer/seller meetings;
  • Providing negotiation and guidance regarding letters of intent and through the process of developing the purchase agreement which enhances the probability of a successful closing of the business sale;
  • Assisting with the due diligence process;
  • Managing the closing details and attending the formal closing.

Working with a Denver business broker reduces the risk that something will be left to chance or forgotten in the midst of the transaction and helps to insure success.  Experience, knowledge and reputation are important factors in choosing a Denver business broker to represent you when selling your business.

If you are interested in buying a business, one of our business brokers can assist you in learning about our opportunities. We can help you pinpoint your interests, direct you to financing sources and facilitate the process of your buying a business.

For over 28 years, Business Acquisitions, Ltd. has been committed to providing the highest standards of professional service to all parties involved in the complex process of transferring business ownership.

Talk with one of our business brokers in Denver CO to get started. Call: (303) 758-4600!

Established in 1986, Business Acquisitions, Ltd. has a team of knowledgeable, licensed professionals with extensive experience in business sales, mergers and acquisitions. We have industry experience in finance, business ownership, marketing, sales and corporate management. We understand the complexities involved in the change in business ownership.

Our business brokers in Denver CO specialize in the sale of privately held companies in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. These companies include manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, service, business to business, construction and retail.

Our relationships in the business community place Business Acquisitions, Ltd. in the center of the transaction marketplace.  From valuation and presentation to investor psychology and negotiation, we have the knowledge to complete the sale of your business.  We are recognized as one of Denver’s most professional and highly regarded business intermediator firm as evidenced by our ongoing referrals from attorneys, accountants, trusted advisors and clients.

We hope that you will find the information on this web site useful as you explore the possibility of either selling your business or purchasing a business. Speak to a Denver business broker at: (303) 758-4600!


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