What Questions Should You Ask a Professional Business Broker

valuation selling business calculating value


“What is my business worth?” – This is the question that must be answered correctly before selling your business.

A professional business broker will provide accurate audit skills and a detailed appraisal report to ensure that your financial situation is correct. In addition, when you sell your business, you are at an advantage when a buyer tries to negotiate your price for a much lower value, because the process to calculating business value was done by a professional who can verify its true value.

Here are some important questions to ask a professional business broker: 

  • What is your experience as a business broker? What successes have you achieved and what are the elements on which our collaboration will be based?
  • How many businesses similar to the one I want to sell have you sold? (You will have to make sure that the business broker has experience in your field)
  • In what time frame, on average, do you solve a business sale / purchase? (This way you will know how long to wait until you see your business sold or your new business in your possession)
  • What commissions do you charge for selling / buying business?