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Eric S. Hill

Eric Hill joined Business Acquisitions, Ltd. in 2020 as a Merger and Acquisitions Specialist. His strengths in building and managing relationships, business growth and innovation, process development, and negotiation lend themselves well to the art of buying and selling businesses. Eric intimately knows the struggles and triumphs that come from being an entrepreneur having built, operated, scaled and sold very successful businesses. But his true passion is helping other business owners succeed. He is committed to building lifelong relationships based on trust and honesty.

Prior to joining Business Acquisitions, Ltd. Eric gained experience in multiple industries. He began his career in graphic design, co-founding a 3D design company. Newly married and eager for a change he moved to Denver. Once there he joined the Denver Police Department where he honed his negotiation skills, was awarded the distinguished service cross, and initiated a case that resulted in over a dozen criminal indictments in federal court, the seizure of several million dollars and the collapse of a multi-state drug ring. Eric left the department in 2012 and founded his first company, EscapeWorks Denver. He grew the company from $0 to over $1 million in annual revenue within 19 months, expanded twice, and he became one of the most successful escape room companies in the US. Looking for a new challenge, he successfully sold the company. Noticing a gap in the outdoor vehicle rental industry, Eric founded Rugged Van Rentals in 2018. As the first and only outdoor focused passenger van rental company in the US it saw success, but didn’t fulfil Eric’s desire to work alongside other business owners. In 2020 he closed the business to pursue a career in business brokerage.

He is licensed with the Colorado Real Estate commission and a member of the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries (CABI).

In his spare time Eric enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife and four young children, expanding his wine library, running obstacle course races, and walking his rescue dogs.