Services and Tools You Need to Keep Track of Your Business Value

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Selling your business or finding the right investor is a complex and time-consuming process. In many cases, this process can get nerve-racking for interested business owners to explore the success of the company.

Consulting with a Business Broker specialized in business exit planning shortens the time and brings material benefits.  A Business Broker can give you an estimate of the sale/ purchase value of a business and/ or a transaction in general. They can advise and assist you in the sale process. They won’t reveal your identity to interested competitive business investors. This limits the risk that the whole market will find out that the business is for sale, which would implicitly affect the sale value and even block the transaction.

Besides calculating business value, selecting potential buyers (pre-qualification of the buyer) before meeting with the seller, preliminary discussions, presenting opportunities, and pre-negotiation are also services that can be provided by a Business Broker, as well as assistance in the process, diligence, and final negotiations, but also subsequent assistance in finalizing the transaction.

There are also tools you might need to keep track of your business value. For example, an online calculator for evaluating your business, which is a tool created by Broker specialists. In general, such a tool applies a multiple of profit and other indicators related to expenses, the impact of the main clients on the income, the pricing strategy, the type of activity carried out, the structure of human resources in top management, and the value of the real estate.