5562 — Two Established Coffee Cafes

In the food and beverage service business, experts say location is critical. This Company has two coffee cafes
located in prime facilities in the Denver metro area. They are “We Proudly Serve Starbucks” establishments,
serving the popular drinks, you typically find at a Starbucks location. This association with Starbucks is a huge
draw for the building employees and the visitors they serve. Food and snack items are provided by outside
vendors. These are not kiosks. Because the cafes are located inside the facilities, there are no advertising
expenses and there is virtually no competition for the items they sell. All employees are part-time. Being a
“Barista” is an appealing position, so they have little problem attracting young people to work for them. Many stay
on for an extended period of employment. Having a location on the main floor of each of the two buildings
provides a steady flow of customers/visitor traffic during their hours of operation. Many of the employees working
in these facilities are regular patrons. This results in predictable sales for both businesses. Revenues and income are
expected to grow as traffic flow for each of the two buildings continues to increase. Both facilities are
implementing expansion plans which bodes well for future growth for the two cafes. This is an excellent business
opportunity for someone interested in the food and beverage industry and an association with the Starbucks


 Hospitality / Restaurant
 Denver, CO / Denver Metro Area