5536 — Mobile Communication & Data Collection Software Company

Founded in 2006, this Company was one of the first texting and mobile data collection services in the country. Purchased in 2018 by the current owners, the Company provides a suite of multi-tiered communication tools aimed at solving large scale communication and data collection needs of companies, member based organizations and government entities who need to engage with employees, customers, clients and members. They specialize in emergency, membership, organizational, government and nonprofit industries. The Company’s software offers a full array of services that allow their clients to communicate and collect data from their employees, customers and members via SMS and MMS. The technology has the ability to scale into virtually any industry that requires large scale communications. The Company uses a low overhead business model with minimal employee and material expenses. Once a client is onboarded, there little customer service or account maintenance required. Though they maintain small rented office space the business could be run remotely from anywhere in the country. Because of their reputation, extensive knowledge of the industry and the relationships they have built, the Company has built a solid foundation of repeat customers. The outlook for the Company is excellent. Their outstanding reputation, industry knowledge and commitment to leading edge technology creates opportunities for success. The mobile communication industry is growing exponentially and changes in technology coupled with increased offsite employees and operations continue to expand the need for companies and organizations to communicate via mobile phone. This is a unique industry and a rare opportunity as the Company has very little direct competition, is financially strong, has a great reputation and is set for significant growth in the future. This is an excellent acquisition opportunity for the right buyer and the current owner is looking forward to transitioning the business to a qualified


 Software as a Service