5577 — B2B Patriotic Product Sales and Service

Since 1986 this highly successful, family owned retail business has been selling to thousands of local, regional and national accounts including city, state and federal agencies. They carry a wide range of products in their retail location, however, much of their revenues are generated from outside sales and e-commerce. Many of their clients are repeat customers but new clients are continually added. The items they sell are used both inside and outside. Demand for their products is somewhat seasonal with  peak time being between March and October. Their product line appeals to both businesses and individuals. Local competition is somewhat limited. They are the dominant business of their kind in Colorado. Not all competitors carry the same products or do service related repairs and maintenance. The Company differentiates themselves from local competition by doing service work throughout the state. They carry a reasonable amount of inventory to satisfy the sometimes spontaneous demand from customers. Daily sales are fairly consistent however, a spike in revenues can occur based on national and world events. Sales in 2021 were up 28% over the previous year and revenues increased 22% in 2022. Their Google 5 Star Ratings exceed all of their competitors nationally. With a fairly strong and resilient Colorado economy, the outlook for this business is bright for a growth-minded buyer. Having a 37 year history speaks volumes for the Company’s ability to weather economic downturns and continue to prosper. SBA financing is recommended for a qualified buyer.









 Retail / Distribution
 Denver Metro Area