5567 — Highly Successful Concrete & Asphalt Restoration Services Company

This acquisition opportunity is a concrete and asphalt hard surface restoration services company. The Company is a leader in their industry and their client portfolio includes cities and local municipalities, state agencies, utility providers and utility contractors. Project types include streets, alleys, sidewalks and pothole repairs that are disturbed by contractors that are installing utility upgrades. Types of upgrades include communications cable installations, phone (Cellular 5G Upgrades) new fiber to the homes and commercial building construction, natural gas and power upgrades by utility contractors in all public municipality highways and roads. The Company only engages in Master Service Agreements with their clients. These contracts eliminate the need invest resources in estimating and bidding and allows the Company to focus on efficiencies, speed and quality control. Their average contracts are three to seven years in length keeping the company pipeline of work full for multiple years at a time. The Company has built a stellar reputation in the industry and has positioned itself as a leader of concrete and asphalt restoration in the area. The Company has great relationships with their suppliers and is considered a preferred customer by many. During the Covid‐19 Pandemic, They were able to keep their supply chain intact and remained a critical infrastructure supplier throughout the Pandemic. The continued population expansion and development in the state are contributing to overall economic growth and the new construction industry is expected to benefit from an increase in residential and commercial projects. Continued growth can be realized in all aspects of the business.


 Construction - Concrete
 Greater Denver Area