5568 — Full Service Miscellaneous Metal & Structural Steel Fabrication Company

This exceptional acquisition opportunity is a full-service miscellaneous metal and structural steel fabrication company that provides a wide range of designs/products in the metal industry for multifamily projects, commercial and residential properties and custom residential homes. They service all size jobs from custom residential homes to large multifamily apartments/townhouses/condos to mixed use commercial and residential properties. Their services include miscellaneous metals, structural steel, in house sandblasting, powder coating, intumescent painting, installation and design. They specialize in value-added manufacturing services with a focus on small- to medium-runs and quick turnaround solutions. Its customers are local and national residential and commercial builders. The company offers competitive pricing. Cost efficiencies are gained through its non-union labor force, favorable inventory pricing, and lower (small market) cost base. The company does little to no marketing or customer development. The Company has experience working on larger, more complex projects than many of their direct competitors and they are a more flexible nimble company as compared to the larger competitors in the market. This approach has afforded many unique opportunities in large scale and scopes of projects, often with limited or reduced competitive forces. Operating on the Front Range in Colorado has benefited the Company. The continued population expansion and development in the state are contributing to overall economic growth and the new construction industry is expected to benefit from an increase in residential and commercial projects. Growth can be realized in all aspects of the business. The industry continues to be healthy and a motivated investor could utilize a number of ways to expand the company.


 To be suggested by purchaser
 Greater Denver Area