5546 — Established Hardscape Installation & Construction Company

This acquisition opportunity is a hardscape construction company that specializes in the installation of segmental hardscape systems. The Company utilizes specialized equipment to install pavers efficiently and quicker than traditional methods. They provide services to a wide range of industries and their clients include commercial builders, production and custom homebuilders, municipal entities and residential homeowners. The Company operates throughout Colorado and has completed projects as far as Wyoming and New Mexico. Their in depth knowledge of the industry and available products combined with their unique capabilities and streamlined processes allow them to complete a projects of any scope or scale. They own an impressive array of top-of-the-line specially designed equipment and utilize their own fleet of semi-trucks and dump trucks to mobilize equipment and materials. Because of their reputation, an asset built over 25 years of operations and thousands successful projects completed with quality and value. A significant percentage of business comes from repeat customers, often without having to bid against competitors. The Company has great relationships with their suppliers and is considered a preferred customer by many. And while homebuilding is a big part of their revenue, it is only about 5% of the national market for pavers, and the company has already shown they can easily continue growing revenue by filling in with other market segments whenever homebuilding slows, as demonstrated in their strong 2022 results amidst a slowdown in new home building. As a result of the growing popularity and recognition of hardscape systems for not only their beauty but also their strength and durability, the industry as a whole has grown year over year with the concrete paver industry seeing over 27% growth in 2021 (source: ICPI.org). Continued growth can be realized in all aspects of the business and a motivated investor could utilize a number of ways to expand the company.