5539 — Established Civil Construction Excavating Company

For over 30 years, this leading civil construction excavation company has been one of the premier providers in the region. The business is positioned with equipment and expertise that allow them to perform all types of civil construction projects with the flexibility to pivot into municipal, commercial, industrial, energy or wherever the market may be the strongest. Over the past five years, the Company has realized tremendous growth and has a sales 4 year compound annual growth rate of 26%. The Company has experience working on larger, more complex projects than many of their direct competitors and they are a more flexible nimble company as compared to the larger competitors in the market. This approach has afforded many unique opportunities in large scale and scopes of projects, often with limited or reduced competitive forces. Because of the Company’s long-term relationships and established trust with their clients they often have limited competitive pressure in the bid process. Their historic bid win rate over the last 3 years is 27%. The Company owns a complete excavation fleet of well-maintained equipment including 39 pieces of yellow iron amounting to over 74K yellow iron hours available. With historic new equipment price increases and shortages, there is a unique opportunity to acquire a significant well maintained fleet, at a fraction of todays replacement costs. Accurate, detailed logs for equipment and vehicles are maintained and all maintenance and repairs are documented ensuring compliance with regulations, and ensures component warranties are enforced. Operating on the Front Range in Colorado has benefited the Company. The continued population expansion and development in the state are contributing to overall economic growth and the new construction industry is expected to benefit from an increase in residential and commercial projects. The Company has been ahead of the curve regarding interest rate risk to the residential development market, and early in 2021 began a pivot back into more multifamily infrastructure development, that appears to be well timed. While reports are mixed on the Residential development market, much more optimistic forecast for the multifamily market are in place. Current outlook is strong for the residential volume of the past few years can easily be replaced (and is currently well underway) with the multifamily market. Growth can be realized in all aspects of the business. The industry continues to be healthy and a motivated investor could utilize of number of ways to expand the company.


 Denver, CO