BA — Custom Furniture and Cabinetry Company

Started by the current owner over 40 years ago, this Company builds a wide range of custom furniture and cabinetry and markets both to businesses and home owners. Their showroom and shop allow for custom work on a scale not often found in the industry. They are recognized for producing some of the finest and most respected work in the industry and they have clients in all of the greater Denver metro area. Although they have consistent marketing programs in place, much of their work comes from referrals and repeat customers. The Company, which began with a focus on custom furniture now finishes complete remodeling projects—kitchens, bathrooms, basements, home offices — anything made out of wood for the home. Their equipment, vehicles and machinery have been well maintained and contribute to the smooth operations of the organization. Their employees are established and well trained. There is opportunity to expand the business via enhanced marketing as well as expanding into new markets.


 Furniture Manufacturing
 Denver metro area