5544 — Underground Utility Construction & Fiber Optic Installation Company

The acquisition opportunity is a leading contractor of Underground Utility Construction and Fiber Optic Installation throughout Colorado. Their primary services include Horizontal Directional Drilling, Trenching & Excavating, Fiber Optic Services and Underground Cable Installation. The Company is a leader in their industry and their client portfolio includes cities and local municipalities, state agencies, utility providers and residential builders. Because of their reputation, an asset built over 20 years of operations and thousands of miles of successful projects completed with quality and value, a major percentage of business comes from repeat customers, often without a bid required. The Company has meticulously built a recognizable brand in the region, and they demonstrate their commitment to quality through their company presence. They have created a workplace culture that attracts and entices quality employees. Employees are well paid and provided a comprehensive benefits program and the Company pushes for a quality of life for their employees both inside and outside of work. The Company has great relationships with their suppliers and is considered a preferred customer by many. During the Covid‐19 Pandemic, The Company was able to keep their supply chain intact and remained a critical infrastructure supplier throughout the Pandemic. The Company owns an impressive array of top-of-the-line equipment and vehicles. They employ a full-time Fleet/Yard Manager who operates in the shop or in mobile repair trucks. Their equipment is well maintained, has low mileage and hours and is positioned for scale. The Company has a sales compounded annual growth rate of 34%, over the last 4 years. The continued population expansion and development in the state are contributing to overall economic growth and the new construction industry is expected to benefit from an increase in residential and commercial projects. Continued growth can be realized in all aspects of the business. The fiber industry continues to expand and a motivated investor could utilize of number of ways to grow the company.



 Construction, Utility, Civil Construction
 Denver, Colorado