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Creative Deal structures and deal terms move to lower middle market

When selling your business, price is not the only important factor you’ll negotiate with a buyer. The deal structure includes a wide range of considerations from transaction type, ownership and payment structures, working capital, assurances, timelines and more.

What we’re seeing in the market right now is a rise in creative deal structures.

Prevent M&A Talent Loss

Preparing to sell your business is a huge undertaking, requiring significant due diligence—both formal during the deal and informal before it begins. Leaders invest significant sums into deal success, hiring experts and assembling forecasts. Despite all of this, half of mergers fail. Your odds of success are no better than chance. And it may feel like there’s little you can do to change that.

Planning to Sell Your Business in 2022? 5 Things to Do Now

Nervous About Selling Your Company? There Are No Unsellable Businesses

If you’re considering selling your business, you may be anxious about the process, especially if you know your company has shortcomings or issues with bookkeeping. The right M&A advisor or investment banker is critical in these scenarios, since they can prepare you to intelligently market your company to the right buyer.

With the right support,

Your M&A Lawyer: Why You Need One, What They Do

If you’re planning to sell a business in 2022, you probably already know that you need the right team in your corner. A DIY approach to M&A is a recipe for absolute disaster, and one of the very best things you can do to ensure the success of a sale is to begin assembling your team now.

What to Do With Unsolicited Offers to Buy Your Business

For many owners, it’s the ultimate dream of running a business: a buyer approaches, offering to buy the business without any effort on your part. Even if you’ve never before considered selling your business, a particularly enticing offer might change your mind. After all, no one relishes the idea of marketing a business for months,

5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Business

If you’re contemplating a Denver business acquisition, you may be reluctant to trust the seller and concerned about the inherent risks. Or perhaps you’re excited about the investment, and how you might use it to change the world—or at least your own life. Many people planning to buy a business vacillate between these two extremes.