5 Steps to Consider Before Putting Up Your Business for Sale

Things to Consider selling business acquisitions


Many business owners tend to ask themselves, “who can help me sell my business the quickest?” Unfortunately, things aren’t always so simple or straightforward, since it takes time to accurately evaluate how much a business is worth, find the right buyers, negotiate a good price and settle the matter legally through the use of the correct paperwork.


Before you even put your business up for sale, however, it’s essential that you keep track of a few very important things:


  1. Determine whether there might be a better solution. Selling your business could take some time, and you might not have enough time to conclude everything properly. Ask your broker if there might be a quicker or more efficient solution, especially if you have hefty debts you need to pay off.
  2. Still, don’t rush into anything. You’ll need to evaluate how much your business is worth. An appraisal could take a little time but it will help you make a more informed decision.
  3. Discuss all your options with your business broker, including bankruptcy and liquidation.
  4. Talk to your upper management and make sure that news of your desire to sell the business will not get out before you want it to.
  5. Try your best to settle your finances and prepare all your documents in advance. It might be a hassle, but it’s always best to be prepared, so that if a buyer comes along, you won’t have to keep searching through all your filing cabinets for important financial documents.

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